The West Bengal Orthopaedic Association (WBOA) is a large professional organization, having more than 900 active members. It is a vibrant organization which focuses on academics, research, social networking. It has a number of district and local orthopaedic clubs actively engaged in various academic and social works.
WBOA’s history of birth and development is closely coordinated with that of IOA for many years. Earlier orthopaedic surgeons were being registered under ASI, because they did not have MS orth. degree; whereas all ASI members practicing surgery had MS (gen. surgery) or FRCS.
After a lot of struggle by our honored predecessors like Dr. R.J. Kartak from Bombay, Dr. N.S. Narshima Ayyer, Dr. S.R. Chandra of Calcutta, Dr. B.N Sinha, Dr. K.S Grewal, Dr. B. Mukhopadhaya, Dr. A.K. Gupta, Dr. M.L. Chatterjee, they agreed to form an Orthopaedic section of ASI. In spite of much resistance from ASI at Hyderabad in 1954, a small group of orthopaedic surgeons formed an adhoc group under Dr. B.N. Sinha as President, Dr. R.J. Kartak and Dr. Thyammanaswami as vice President and Dr. B. Mukhopadhyay as Secretary.

After getting confidence from two independent ortho meetings in Calcutta and Patna in 1954, the dream of Orthopaedic Surgeons came true. They formed an independent and separate section in the meeting of ASI in December 1955 at Amritsar. The foundation of IOA was laid. Dr. B. N. Sinha as President and Dr. B. Mukhopadhyay as Secretary of the ortho section. Sir Harry Platt was invited to give a lecture in 1958 IOA conference. He visited Calcutta at that time and met with our honored predecessors.
Prof. M. L. Chatterjee became IOA president in 1961, Prof. A. K. Saha in 1969 and Prof. K. S. Bose in 1975. The first J&J fellows visited Calcutta in 1967.They visited the ortho clinic of ‘wizard of bone setter’ Dr. S. R. Chandra and were impressed by his astounding skills. Mr. Herbert Seddon also visited Calcutta in 1967 and met with our stalwarts.
In Calcutta, years before the registration of WBOA in july-1978, the proceedings of orthopaedic surgeons were to hold regular meeting at residences and Clinics. Dr. Kalyan Mukherjee, Dr. Asim Mukherjee, Dr. M. L. Chatterjee and Dr. R. N. Mitra took great efforts in the registration and purchase of an office accommodation in Creek Row.
The first Annual meeting with clinical discussion was held in residence of Dr. M. L. Chatterjee at Khardah in 1970. First organized clinical meeting was held at CMRI by Dr. Sailendra Bhattacharjee.
After repeated obstructions, the cherished plan to start the MS. Orth. course in Calcutta University finally came to light with combined efforts of several eminent orthopaedicians. Pioneer among them were Dr. K. S. Bose, Dr. A. K. Das, Dr. H. K. Deb, Dr. Asim Mukherjee, Dr. S. R. Chandra, Dr. M. L. Burman, Dr. K. C. Sarbadhikary, Dr. A. K. Saha, Dr. Biswajit Sen, Dr. M. L. Chatterjee, Dr. R.N. Mitra, Dr. S.R. Mitra, Dr. Sailendra Bhattacharjee, Dr. M. S. Ghosh, Dr. Ashok Sengupta, Dr. S. Samanta, Dr. Santosh Dutta and Dr. D. K. Mukherjee. Post Graduate course in orthopaedics at Calcutta University started in 1969-70 by the doyen Dr. K. S. Bose under high resistance and obstructions from various sides especially from bureaucrats being influenced by legendary figures from ASI. The course with additional compulsory general surgery training was granted.
The first batch came out successfully in 1972 with MCI inspection by strict Dr. B. N. Sinha. The first candidate was our past president Prof. Samir Gopal Sen Ray. Following this all the five med. colleges started MS (ortho) one after another. Today both Degrees and Diploma seats are 42 in West Bengal, which had started with a humble beginning of 6 +2.
In 1980 the first family get together of new and old orthopaedic surgeons was held in the Bidhan Sishu Uddyan, Manicktalla.

The activity of the WBOA slowly gathered momentum in subsequent years. From 80’s onward herold a new horizon with leadership of Prof. A.K. Das for polio surgery, Dr. M.S. Ghosh for AO fixation system and tendon surgery, Dr. H.K. Deb for anterior spinal surgery, Dr. D.P. Baksi for TER, Osteonecrosis hip, Arthoplasty of hip and knee by Dr. Subrata Dasgupta and Dr.Sailenda Bhattacharjee, Dr. N. Deymazumder and Dr. Ashok Sengupta for paediatric orthopaedics and diagnostic arththoscopy, Dr.Biswajit Sen for Sen’s nail, Dr. D.K. Mukherjee for hand surgery, Dr. Samir Mukherjee with largest series of hemiarthoplasty, Prof. A.K. Das became IOA president in 1988, Dr. M.S. Ghosh 1993, Dr. D.P. Baksi in 1999.
WBOA has the spectacular Annual Conference every year with Prof. A.K. Das CME, workshop, Prof. A.K. Saha-oration, lectures, Quiz and exhibition; continued nonstop from the first conference with a CME being held successfully by dynamic Prof. Arun Sarkar in Burdwan Medical College in 1983.
WBOA also holds a midterm conference ‘MIDCON’ in every July to encourage the orthopaedic surgeons working outside Calcutta, this was being the brain child of legendary Prof. D.P. Baksi. There is memorable Dr. K.S. Bose oration in it and is delivered by a national or international stalwart. The Siliguri best paper award has been started since 1990 by WBOACON to encourage the young generation.
A number of orthopaedic surgeons working with diploma from home or abroad were being enrolled as members of ASI. For this, the mass and strength of IOA was affected. A resolution was passed in Cuttack conference in 1986, consequently to enroll back them to IOA and WBOA as well, as life members.

The Inland and overseas fellowship, Monthly clinical meeting, Journal Club meeting, Unsolved case bimonthly meeting, Cadaveric Workshop, EIIOT, Juva Mentor Fellowship, Seminars, Symposium, PG teaching Programme, Social network, disaster management exercise, meeting and public awareness programme run in schedule. Cultural wing holds Drama/ Act/ Singing Competition/ painting/ Photography Show/ Adventures, past president’s conclave, condolence meeting etc.
Bone tumor registry meeting is well organized and been founded by Prof. B.K. Dutta since 1976. More achievements including a whole conference on Musculo skeletal Tumor started in later years. There is an efficient Office Premises with a library and seminar room, active Website, a periodic News Letter contains updates of all activities and a quarterly publication of an Indexed Orthoapedic Journal is posted to all members. WBOA has embraced almost all the wings of subspecialty like Arthoscopy, Arthoplasty, Spine, Paediatric orthopaedics, Hand surgery, Pelvi Acetabular surgery, Computer and robotic surgery. Orthopaedic Oncology and others to help and grow to full glory. The subspecialties hold successfully periodic state and national and international conferences. Many of the members of the subspecialties have risen to national and international fame.
Social commitments like visit to orphan houses, blind school, old age homes, Destitute Homes, Crippled Children Home, Mental Asylum, or jail and correctional homes, road safety measures, handicapped camps, voluntary blood donations, osteoporosis camp. A substantial grant to Nepal earthquake victims in recent past towards making a robust social fabric.

In the recent time with increasing meets of members of ever increasing sub-specialties, WBOA is aiming to rise to one of the exemplary land mark in the history of mankind and to reach a glorious destination in the annals of Indian Orthopaedics in respect of academics and activities, mending and monitoring the decline glory, solace and service to the suffering humanity.