Bone Tumor Registry Meeting

Organizing Committee


  1. Lymphoma over distal tibia (B cell Lymphoma) – Dr. Kausik Nandy
  2. Primary Pelvic chondrosarcoma treated with ECRT – Dr. Kausik Nandy
  3. Follow up of Total talectomy in Intraosseous lipoma – Dr. Saikat Sau
  4. Follow up in Fibrous dysplasia treated with nail+ Residronate- Dr. Saikat Sau
  5. U in Proximal Fibular GCT- Excision- Dr. Saikat Sau
  6. U in Pathological # in xanthogranulomatic osteomylitis treated with nail & curatage- Dr. Saikat Sau
  7. Primary Skeletal Lymphoma- a diagnostic dilemma- Dr. Kausik Nandy
  8. Pelvic periacetabular chondrosarcoma- Type partial 1+2+3 internal hemipelvectomy + ECRT + reimplantation of the irradiated bone and fixation.- Dr. Kauik Nandy
  9. Follow up 5 months in Ewing sarcoma involving entire length of ulna, reconstructed with resection of entire ulna, ECRT and reconstruction of DRUJ, ulno- humeral and annular ligament recovery- Dr. Kausik Nandy


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