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Case List of WBOA Clinical Meeting on 10th March 2018 at IPGMER

  1. A Case od old DDH treated by Acetabbuloplasty - Dr. Ayon Ghosh
  2.  A case of Hybrid THR done in an young female due to advanced hip arthritis due to Spondylo Arthropathy - Dr. Salil Mondal
  3.  A case of NU tibia treated bt intraosseous bone grafting - Dr. Arijit Mondal
  4. A case of AVN femoral head treated by TFL-MPBG - Dr. Vaibhav Singh
  5.  A case of Prox. Humerus GCT treated by Excision and Fibula graft - Dr. Priyonath Majumder
  6. Surgical management of a case of PCL avulsion - Dr. Abhijit

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