VIMS Trauma Update

Organizing Committee

Dear Member,
Trauma is the major cause of morbidity and mortality of reproductive age group of
the society. In the year 2016, to organise the trauma care facility of our institute;
as well as society we introduced ETLS (Emergency Trauma Care Life Support),
first ever common platform for the training of doctors, nursing staffs and
paramedics in the field of trauma. After conducting five ETLS courses on regular
basis and seeing the enthusiasm of the participants we motivated to organise VIMS
Trauma Update 2018, unique multidisciplinary trauma course first time in this
part of the country.
VIMS Trauma Update 2018 was organised by Team ETLS at Dayananda Hall of
RKMSP VIMS, Kolkata on 3rd March, 2018 this academic fest was formally
inaugurated by Swami Nityakamananda, Secretary RKMSP and Prof. Ashok Kumar
Saraf, Principal VIMS.
This was a daylong event consisting of instructional course lectures and interactive
panel discussions. To refreshen the knowledge of doctors in the field of multimodal
trauma care. Lecture sessions were based on basic, zone specific and special
modules. Panel discussions were one on management of polytrauma patient by
specialist doctors from different discipline and another on social aspect of trauma
by expert from different fraternity of the society, i.e. Hospital Administrator, Legal
Advisor, Journalist and Administrator of Traffic Police.
Our national faculty was Prof. Amit Gupta, Professor from Joy Prakash Narayan
Apex Trauma Centre, AIIMS New Delhi. 27 local faculties of different specialty
and super specialty came from various eminent institute of West Bengal. Total
number of 172 doctors all over the state attended this course as delegate and went
home with the modern concept of “comprehensive multidisciplinary trauma
Common people came to know this type of honest initiative through different and
printed and electronic media, mainly DD National. Last, but not the list we are
grateful to West Bengal Orthopaedics Association for their unconditional support
to make this event a grand success.


Dr. Anirban Bhattacharya                          Dr. Kalyan Ashis Mukherjee
(Convener)                                                           (Organizing Secretary)


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