West Bengal

Organizing Committee

Calling All Event Management Companies

IOACON 2019 will be held in Kolkata .

We invite all large companies to make a presentation at West Bengal Orthopaedic Association office at Kolkata on Sunday 25th February 2018 from 11AM.

We would like your presentation to cover the following areas.

1) Your track record in organising such conferences with more than 5000 delegates, about 2000 accompanying persons, about 200stalls and about 1200 industry and pharmaceutical personnel.

2) Setting up and maintaining website. Regular updates. Logos.You Tube uploads.

3) Online payments.

4) Automated and manual Responses to multiple queries from delegates, faculty and others by phone .email, What's App and snail mail.

5) Travel arrangements

6) Hotel accommodation and trouble shooting.

7) Hall decorations, signage,

8) Registration desks at venue and Railway Stations and airports. ID cards with bar Codes. registration Kits.

9) Audio Visual at multiple halls preferably by wireless and wired processes.Large preview rooms and management.

10) Daily Newsletters

11) Printing and Publicity. Brochures. Press meets / television and radio bites/

12) Photography

13) E Posters and exhiibtion of posters

14) Committee meetings

15)Mementoes.and souveneirs. Certificates.

16) Dinner. Banquets. Lunch. Tea and snacks continuous.




Org. Secretary, IOACON 2019

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