WBOA subspecialty knowledge and skill development course II

Organizing Committee

  1. A. Introduction-
    This is a course program under the mentorship of
    Course is offered in the field of- Arthroplasty

Selected ( max 6) candidates will be divided in to the group of 2 or 3 members and send for observership under selected mentors.

Each group will be exchanged between mentors after a suitable period of exposure.

Aim of the program is to give sufficient exposure to the selected candidates in the practical field of subspecialty.

Importance will be given to the interaction in OPD, clinical examination,
decision making, orientation with instruments and operation in OT, post op follow up in the wards .

Pre course Orientation and post course assessment will be done.
After completion a certificate will be awarded and score point maximum upto 5 will be given according to the merit.

This merit points will be considered as point counted while allotting fellowship programs by WBOA.

B. Who may apply -

  1. A full life member of WBOA    3 points
  2. Life Member of IOA                      1 point
  3. Age
    25 to 35        1 point
    36 to 45        2 points
    46 to 60        3 points.
  4. Any previous course done in same subspecialty through WBOA or IOA

   1 point each course

  1. ALM PGTs appeared for final PG exam but results are due - 2 points.
  2. Presented paper/ case/ poster in same subspecialty -1 point each
  3. Participated in WBOA activities - WBOACON/ MIDCON/ workshop in last 2 years

( April 2015)  -1 point each.

  1. Member of the organizing committee WBOACON,MIDCON,IOACON  -1 point each

C. How to apply-

Applications to be made in the prescribed forms available in the WBOA office with all relevant documents before 15th November 2017.

List of selected candidates will be published by 16th November 2017.

A course fees of Rs 2000/ to be submitted by cheque by 20th November 2017 in favor of

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