Workshop on TKR

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Workshop on Total Knee Replacement  - Sawbone, Cadaveric and Live Surgery was held at Murshidabad Medical College & Hospital organized by Berhampore Ortho Club on 11th & 12th November 2017.

It was attended by 51 Faculties & Delegates.

The Live Surgery performed on a patient who was screened  by Berhampore Ortho Club from a “Home” as a part of social orthopaedic program.

Programme on 11TH& 12THNovember atMurshidabad Medical College & Hospital

11th November, Saturday

WBOA clinical meeting at 1.30 pm

Case presentation by-

Dr. W. Bari

Dr.U .Bhakat





WBOACON 2018 Pre-conference countdown workshop

Welcome address – Principal MSD-MCH

Sesson 1 – 3.30pm – 4.05pm

Chair personDr.DilipMajumder, Dr.I.Sardar

3.30pm-3.35pm – Anatomy of knee joint – Dr.SamannitaBasak

3.35pm-3.40pm – Indications of TKR – Dr.Sanjay Kumar

3.45pm – 3.50pm – Operative steps – Prof. SandipGhosh

3.50pm – 3.55pm – Soft tissue balance – Dr.I.Sardar

3.55pm – 4.00pm – Complication of TKR – Dr.SarnenduSamanta

4.00pm – 4.05pm – Difficult TKR – Dr.B.D.Chatterjee

Sesson 2 – 4.10pm – 7.10pm

Live surgery

                  OT –I - 4.10pm – 5.40pm

                   OT –II - 5.40pm – 7.10pm

Dinner on boat over the riverGanges - 7.30pm


8.00am - 8.05am – Pre Operative Templating – Dr.ArnabKarmakar

8.05am - 8.10am – Tourniquet with or without – Pr0f. Dr. J. N. Pal

8.10am- 8.15am – Different incision techniques –Dr.Ananda Mandal

8.15am- 8.20am – Do’s an Dont’s – Dr.SwarnenduSamanta

8.20am- 8.25am – Different cuts – Dr. B.D.Chatterjee

8.25am- 8.30am – Cementation techniques– Dr. Rajiv Raman

8.30am- 8.35am – Checking of intraoperative stability – Dr. I. Sardar

8.35am- 8.40am – With drain or without drain – Dr.Rajendra Singh Gaheer

8.40am- 8.45am – Post operative care and rehabilitation – Dr. A. K. Bera

8.45am – 9.00am – Tea Break

9.00am- 11.00am – Cadaver dissection

11.00am- 1.00pm – Practice over Saw bone

1.00pm - 2.00pm – Lunch

2.00 pm – 2.10pm – Interpretation of MRI of knee joint – D.SubhenduGhosh

2.10pm– Vote of thanks


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