WBOA E Clinical Meeting

Organizing Committee

E-Clinical Meeting of WBOA

June - 2021

Organized by (Host Institute) :

ESI-PGIMSR, ESIC Medical College & Hospital, Joka, Kolkata

Theme: Neglected, missed & puzzling cases in Orthopaedics:

Final List of Cases: Cases to be presented & for discussion:

  1. Total hip arthroplasty for neglected bed ridden case of Ankylosing spondylitis
  2. High grade spondylolisthesis L4-L5 – Operative management
  3. Old neglected gap non-union of Radius (2 cases) - One treated by Modified Nicoll’s bone grafting and other by One bone forearm
  4. Compound fracture of distal femur – Our nightmare
  5. Prophylactic fixation & grafting for proximal femur fibrous dysplasia
  6. Synovial chodromatosis of wrist – A rare case
  7. Epiphyseal tuberculosis of knee with missed primary pulmonary disease – An early report for Covid 19 pandemic insight

Internal Faculties:

  1. Dr. DilipMazumder
  2. Sanjay Keshkar
  3. Lawrence Kisku
  4. Nasim Akhtar
  5. Riddhideb Barman

Convener:Dr. DilipMazumder

Moderator:Dr. Sanjay Keshkar


  1. -DrGopinathMaity
  2. DrDebdutta Chatterjee
  3. DrSibaji Chaudhuri
  4. DrGourGautamKar
  5. DrChandan Pathak


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