WBOA Covid Response Team


WBOA EC has formed WBOA COVID RESPONSE TEAM with respected life members or seniors of WBOA.


This group is created to help our esteemed members for Covid related issues and to ensure admission of COVID positive members as priority basis in designated hospitals (Private or Government) with the help of our committee members and also to minimize family distress by doing communication with treating doctors or team by us or family members if possible. 


It is a very active group with the help of our esteemed members attached with different COVID hospital of West Bengal specially

Dr Indrajit Sardar, Dr Chinmay De, Dr Protyush Chatterjee, Dr M.M.Ray, Dr Golak Bihari Maji, DrH.P.Giri, Dr Nilay Kanti Das, Dr Sibaji Chaudhuri, Dr Debasish Sinharoy  Dr M.N.Basumallick, Dr Ranjan Kamilya, Dr Raviganesh Bharadwaj, Dr Kanchan Bhattacharya, Dr Aniruddha Sengupta, Dr Vikash Kapoor, Dr Chandan Pathak, Dr G.G.Kar,Dr Swarnendu Samanta,  Dr Rakesh Rajput,  Dr Ranadeb Bandopadhyay, Dr Ronen Roy, Dr A.N.Mukherjee, Dr Sutanu Hazra, Dr Sunit Hazra, Dr Rajeev Chatterjee, Dr Sandip Mukherjee,  Dr Sandip Ghosh,Dr Sandip Roy, Dr Soumya Ghosh, Dr Dipanjan Pain, Dr S.R. Banerjee, Dr Tapash kumar Ghosh, Dr Sanjay kumar, Dr Rittik Ganguly, Dr Kiran kumar Mukhopadhyay, Dr Debapi Roy, Dr A.K.Sasmal, Dr Amal Chandra Basak, Dr Biplab Dolui, Dr Debasish Datta, Dr Utpal Bandyopadhyay, DrAmarendra Nath Roy,  Dr Kingsuk Mandal, Dr Abhijit Bandopadhyay


Dr Rajeev Raman, Dr Debojyoti Bose, Dr Subhro Chatterjee, Dr Debdutta Chatterjee, Dr A.K.Pal, Dr Akhilesh kumar, Dr Sabyasachi Santra,Dr Arnab Karmakar, , Dr Kanchan Sabui, Dr Prasun Mandal and many more esteemed members. 


 We are very pleased to announce that this group has helped a lot to care for our members and their family members in this distress situation. We are also grateful to all our postgraduate trainees and SRs in different Medical Colleges and all other corporate hospitals in West Bengal for their continuous support as frontline workers for the COVID patients. 


Our President WBOA has already sent a letter of appreciation to different hospitals involved in COVID treatment. 


This WBOA COVID RESPONSE TEAM has helped our esteemed members in different critical situations including waving of hospital bills etc. In this waving of hospital bills Medica Hospital has shown us the direction and our President WBOA has sent them a letter of appreciation to the Hospital in this regard. As COVID is also a major health problem now the team is working in full swing.  Latest is the procurement of COVID vaccine with the proposal of President WBOA has sent Government of Indi for permission. 



Stay Safe