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Dear Member,

Please attend WBAO Clinical Meeting on 11.01.2020 at SSKM hospital at 1.30pm.

Convener: Dr. A.K. Pal


  1. A case of distal radius GCT (enneking stage 3) treated with wrist arthrodesis using External fixation by DrAnubhav Bhattacharya.

 2. A Case of distal ulna osteolytic lesion treated with excision, ECU tenodesis& DRUJ reconstruction with illiac crest bone graft ByDrSharjeel Khan.

 3. A Case of reoperation in a case of distal femur GCT using long interlocking nail by DrPravatDehury

 4. A case of Distal femur GCT managed by megaprosthesis by DrSashwataDutta

 5. A case of bilateral quadrate fracture(>90% displacement) managed  by plaster cast immobilization by DrSahirMondal

 6. A case of proximal humerus fracture (neer type 2) managed by Hybrid fixationBy DrDiptenduGhosh


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