EIIOT 2017

Organizing Committee

The 15th Annual Fracture Fixation Course with Hands on & Cadaveric Workshop Organised by Eastern India Initiative for Orthopaedic Training (EIIOT) and Anatomical Society of India (ASI) WB Chapter was held in NRS Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata on 23rd, 24th & 25th March 2017 with 80 Delegates and presence of large number of national Faculties.

The Inauguration ceremony was star studded with following dignitaries sharing their hands in lamp lighting ceremony :

Prof. Debashis Bhattacharyya : Principal, NRS Medical College, Prof. Gautam Bhattacharyya : Head, Dept. of Orthopaedics, NRSMCH, Prof. Karabi Baral : Head, Dept. of Anatomy, NRSMCH, Prof. Dilip Majumdar : President, WBOA, Prof. Kiran Kumar Mukhopadhyay : Secretary, WBOA, Dr. Abhijit Bhakta : President, ASI(WB) & Member of WBMC, Dr. Sujoy Mistri : Secretary, ASI (WB), Dr. Gopal Mondal : Treasurer, ASI (WB)

The Organising team had proud privilege to felicitate founder members of EIIOT :
Prof. Biplab Acharyya, Prof. Tanmoy Mohanty, President, Odisha Orthopaedics Association, Prof. Chinmoy De & Prof. Aloy Jyoti Kundu.

There were :

Two (2) Live Surgeries on Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction

Two (2) days Cadaveric Workshop on Knee Arthroscopy and Surgical dissection.

Hands on work station on principles of Screw and Plate Fixation, External Fixation and Pedicle Screw Fixation technique.

The three days programme was credited 12 CME hours by West Bengal Medical Council.

The 1st day ie 23rd March, 2017 was dedicated for Knee Arthroscopy. Apart from multiple lectures and panel discussion there were interactive sessions by Dr. M. N. Basumallick
Dr. S. Samanta, Dr. S. Kumar Dr. Debasish Chatterjee, Dr Anajan Chattaraj, Dr. Arvind Kumar, Dr. S. Hazra and Dr. R. Raman . Two live surgeries on ACL reconstructions care with Semi T Graft and another with Bone Patellar Tendon Bone Graft. Four stations were held on Cadaveric knee arthroscopy.

On 24th March 2017, the programme started early with lecture on Present Scenario Fracture fixation by Prof. Gautam Bhattacharyya followed by various lectures and panel discussion on Plaster Technique, Pelvi Acetabular Fracture by Dr. S. Samanta & Dr. S. N. Nandi, Nails by Dr. A. K. Pal, Plates by Dr. Ravi G. Bharadwaj & Dr. Tanmay Mohanty, Upper Limb Fracture by national faculties from Orthopaedics & Anatomy.

The day was honoured by gracious presence of eminent Orthopaedic Surgeons : Prof. H. K. Deb, Prof. D. P. Bakshi, Prof. Arun Sarkar, Prof. D. K. Mukherjee and the organizing team was blessed to pay homage “GURU PRANAM” to teachers. Four (4) Hands on work stations on principles of plates & Screw fixation and 4 cadaveric stations on surgical exposure of arm forearm were conducted .

25th March, 2017 i.e. last day’s schedule was packed with various sessions on fracture around Hip by Dr. S. Mishra, Open Fractures by Dr. D. Banerjee, Dr. S. Ghosh, Fracture Around Ankle by Dr. A. Mandal, Dr. B. Dolui, Spine Session by Dr. Saumyajit Basu, Dr. Kiran Kumar Mukhopadhyay & Dr. Avishek Roy.

There was a special session with lecture on “Current concept in TKR” by Prof. Rajesh Malhotra, HOD. Dept. of Orthopaedics, AIIMS New Delhi and a panel discussion on defining the right patient for Visco Supplementation in “OA Knee” with panelists like Dr. Indrajit Sardar, Dr. B. D. Chatterjee, Dr. K. K. Mukhopadhyay. Hands on workshop on Pedicle Screw fixation and External Fixation were also carried out.

The Organising committee:

Organising Chairman : Prof. Gautam Bhattacharyya

Course Directors :     Prof. G. N. Maiti, Prof. K. K. Mukhopdhyay,
                                         Prof. S. N. Nandi, Dr. A. Mandal

Organising Secretary : Dr. Sabyasachi Santra

Joint Secretary : Dr. Partha Saha

Scientific Chairman : Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Scientific Secretaries : Dr. Partha Sarathi Sarkar, Dr. Rajeeev Raman

Treasurer : Dr. Nabarun Saha


The conference was concluded with thanks giving ceremony

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