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Sir, I am Dr Arnab Palodhy had been selected for WBOA subspecialty knowledge and skill development in arthroscopic surgery under the mentorship of Dr.Debashis Chatterjee and Dr. Swarnendu Samanta. It is a great experience for me to learn about arthroscopic surgery under these great teachers.I have experienced the procedures  of ACL, rotator cuff tear, arthroscopic debridement of knee. Every corner have  been enlightened within this short period of 10 to 12 days period. Even I have seen radial head prosthesis done by Dr. Samanta. Theoretical discussion is conclusive. But time is too short for more exposure. 

Thank to Wboa for the arrangement of such a beautiful event..  LONG LIVE WBOA... 

Dr. Arnab Palodhy 


Dear sir, it was a great learning experience. I thank WBOA from the bottom of my heart to give me this opportunity. Though its difficult to narrate everything i learnt in those 2 weeks, i have tried and prepared a report as asked. The report as well as the only photograph we clicked has been attached herewith.

Thanking you. Keep your blessings.


  • Refined examination skills in sports injury cases
  • Learnt basics of arthroscopy
  • How to read MRI of knee
  • many more invaluable tips from the experts

Mentors and Procedures:

  1. Dr.DebasishChatterjee (Tulip Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd and Nightingale Hospital)
  2. ACL reconstruction using semitendinosus graft, fixation with- bioabsorbable screws, tight rope, endobutton (all these methods were done)
  3. MPFL reconstruction- using gracilis / quadriceps
  4. Meniscectomy
  5. Dr.Kanchan Bhattacharya (Belle vue clinic)
  6. ACL reconstruction using semitendinosus graft
  7. Dr.SwarnenduSamanta (Peerless Hospital)
  8. Shoulder hemiarthroplasty for comminuted proximal humerus fracture
  9. 1 month old Rotator cuff injury repaired arthroscopically



My name is Shouvik Saha. I have completed the arthroplasty observership programme under Dr. Vikash Kapoor and Dr. Indrajit Sardar. The programme was good and i learnt a lot of things from them.But the 2000 rupees that was taken for the programme it was too much.I will be highly obliged if you issue us the certificate as soon as possible.






 This course highlighted training under an master spine surgeon, learning basics and advanced tips in examining patient, arriving at a diagnosis, taking the correct decision of treatment and doing it perfectly. Completed the mentorship program from 17th of July 2017 to 28th of July, 2017 with leave on 22nd and 23rd of July, 2017.Through these10 days I learnt the art of taking a composite history of a patient, examining him swiftly but thoroughly, what to see in an Xray/CT/MRI thus coming to a diagnosis, the science of decision making, when not to intervene and if needed intervening minimally thus avoiding future complications anticipated.

  • 7.2017,Monday. I was received warmly by Dr. Abrar Ahmed, Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata. The day covered Outdoor patients .He saw about 40patients in his consultation room .It was a colossal experience seeing him and learning tips and tricks of examination, study and coming to a diagnosis. Most importantly counseling, describing and communication art was the greatest experience in his opd.
  • 7.2017, I scrubbed with Dr. Ahmed for a Wide Laminectomy from Lumbar 3 to Lumbar 5th with Pedicle screw fixation in a 70 years male with central and bilateral peripheral Lumbar Canal stenosis. . I saw him demonstrating Facet block in a 49 years woman with chronic low back pain due to facet arthropathy. In the opd I experienced him seeing about 30 patients.
  • 7.2017, I saw him giving myofascial injection in a 30 year bodybuilder with Trapezius strain. I experienced from the 40 patients he consulted in his Opd.
  • 7.2017 there were two kyphoplasties, one in a 56year female with Rheumatoid arthritis and pathological fracture at Lumbar 3rd vertebra. The second kyphoplasty was in a70 years woman with Dorsal 12th Osteoporotic Vertebral Collapse Fracture. Also I saw him giving Facet block and Selective Nerve Root Block in a 70 year woman with degeneration at Lumbar 3,4 and 5th discs and bilateral sacroilitis. It was a wonder seeing him injecting with same dexterity as operating.
  • 7.2017 a revision spine surgery where an infected TLIF was removed and reconstructed with Lumbar 2,3,4 and S1 Pedicle screws with profuse interbody tricortical iliac bone graft between Lumbar 4th and 5th vertebra in a 55 years lady. She was mobilized in bed on 2nd post operative day and out of bed on 4th post operative day
  • 7.2017 I experienced him operating on a 66 year man with suspected pyogenic spondylodiscitis in the Dorsal 11th and 12th iinterspace. Through a mini open approach he did a thorough debridement, complete remova of pus, decompression of the cord, bone graft,and percutaneous Pedicle screws of Dorsal 9th and 10th and Lumbar 1st and 2nd vertebra. He was mobilized in bed on second postoperative day and out of bed on 4th postoperative day. In opd he saw about 30patients.
  • 7.2017,Tuesday Isaw him perform vertebroplasty at Lumbar 1 and 2 vertebra with biopsy in an 81 years male suspected pathological vertebral fracture.He saw 25 patients in OPD. In the evening Iscrubbed with him for a microlumbardiscectomy at Lumbar 4/5 disc space..
  • 7.2017 I saw him perform vertebroplasty in a 60 years woman with suspected metastasis at Sacral 1 and Lumbar 5th vertebra with myeloma and low platelet count. In opd it was another experience seeing him handle 50patients.
  • 7.2017 Friday, he did a vertebroplasty on a 52 years man who suffered acute collapse fracture in the Dorsal8th vertebra after a violent cough.He saw 20 patients in ESI Hospital where he is attached as part time spine surgeon. As a person he is amicable, very social and a patient person apart from a good physician and surgeon. He took good care of me and without hesitation and air taught me various tricks to be a successful spine specialist. This training was a greatexperience from my side. Thank you WBOA. Long live WBOA.



I was selected for and have completed WBOA Subspeciality Knowledge & Skill Development Course in Arthroscopic Surgery, from 24/7/2017 to 04/8/2017. It was a very good course. Such an effort by WBOA  is praiseworthy.

I hope that I can participate in such course in future.

Thanks to WBOA  and Mentors of this course.



Applications are invited for -' WBOA subspecialty knowledge and skill development course'.

  1. Introduction-
    This is a course programme under the mentorship of slatwart sub speciality surgeons from West Bengal.
    Course is offered in the field of-
    1. Arthroscopic surgery
    2. Arthroplasty
    3. Spinal surgery.

Selected ( max 6) candidates will be divided in to the group of 2 or 3 members and send for observership under selected mentors.
Each group will be exchanged between mentors after a suitable period of exposure.
Aim of the program is to give sufficient exposure to the selected candidates in the practical field of subspecialty.
Importance will be given to the interaction in OPD, clinical examination,
decision making, orientation with instruments and operation in OT, post op follow up in the wards .

Pre course Orientation and post course assessment will be done.
After completion a certificate will be awarded and score point maximum upto 5 will be given according to the merit.

This merit points will be considered as point counted while allotting fellowship programs by WBOA.

  1. Who may apply -

  2. A full life member of WBOA - 3 points

  3. Life Member of IOA      - 1 point

  4. Age
    25 to 35 - 1 point
    36 to 45 - 2 points
    46 to 60                                                                                                           - 3 points.

  5. Any previous course done in same subspecialty through WBOA or IOA- 1 point each course.

  6. ALM PGTs appeared for final PG exam but results are due - 2 points.

  7. Presented paper/ case/ poster in same subspecialty -1 point each

  8. Participated in WBOA activities - WBOACON/ MIDCON/ workshop in last 2 years

( April 2015) .                                                                                                 -1 point each.

  1. Member of the organizing committee WBOACON,MIDCON,IOACON -1 point each

  2. How to apply-

Applications to be made in the prescribed forms available in the WBOA office with all relevant documents before 10th July 2017 for year 2017-18.

List of selected candidates will be published by 12th July 2017.

A course fees of Rs 2000/ to be submitted by cheque by 15th July 2017 in favor of




















Mentors list and date for the courses will be published by 30 June 2017 at the WBOA notice board and website.

All members will be informed through group mail and SMS.

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