West Bengal

Organizing Committee

WBOA Clinical Meeting on 13th April 2019 at KPC Medical College at 1.30pm

Cases were discussed:

1. Management of acute pyogenic osteomyelitis in children - Needs surgeon's wisdom & experence. - Dr. Anirban Pal

2. Caudal regression syndrome - Diagnosis very often missed. - Dr. Pradyumna Chakraverty

3. Progressive diffuse subcutaneous fibrosis - A rare clinical entity. - Dr. Mujtaba Ahmad

4. Genu Varum - Correction by HTO. - Dr. Swarnabha Mukhopadhyay

5. Simple method of management of proximal humerus fracture. - Dr. Sayantan Banerjee

6. Day to day problem converted to surgeon's nightmare. - Dr. Anirban Pal

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