Organizing Committee

 WBOA Clinical Meeting on 9th March 2019 at IPGMER at 1.30pm

Case list:

  1. Management of distal radius giant cell tumor using arthrodesis by JESS fixator.
  2. Treatment of old fracture both bone forearm both bone forearm using radial & ulnar corticotomy.
  3. Treatment of recurrent patella dislocation by MPFL reconstruction with a quadriceps Tendon graft.
  4. Treatment of proximal tibial giant cell tumor using a megaprosthesis
  5. Treatment of Distal Femoral Ewings Sarcoma using additeve chemotherapy & a megaprosthesis.
  6. Case of proximal tibial fracture with compromised soft tissue treated by minimal internal fixator and bilateral biplanner mini external fixator

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