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Two travellers met on a road. One said, "I have just visited a city which is of the most incredible diversity. A city where the narrowest of lanes and the most broadest of bridges exist. Where the hand pulled rickshaw can look a Mercedes in the eye, where electric trams  and metro rail vie with each other. Where the flyovers compete with mono rails. "

And the other one says "I have also visited a city where street theatres and roadside concerts play together. Where RabindraSangeet is played at traffic intersections. Where Rock bands and classical music co exist--as do the best street food, the amazing mix of sweet shops and incredibly different restaurants and cafes dot the streets"  Where the most diverse people of all religions thrive with pride and their unique lifestyles. Where the riverside cruises uncover a city of life and the people who love to converse with travellers over cups of tea of unknown and exotic flavours. Of groups of people who love to argue and who cannot tolerate injustice quietly."

And a third traveller joined them and said" i have also seen a city where vast  green fields and trees exist in it's heart., and trains, buses and aircrafts bring in lakhs of people every day and take out a similar amount each day from throbbing Railway stations, an uniquely decorated airport and numerous bus junctions. Where more and more hotels of all standards come up daily. As do hospitals offering more and more State of the Art facilities.  And the fourth traveller said-"You must mean Kolkata but all of you can only describe portions of it" And the old man joined in and said--"You cannot describe Kolkata fully by words. You can only experience it  You have to come to Kolkata to experience it's flavour fully."

Come to Kolkata for IOACON 2019. The biggest Orthopaedic spectacle in South Asia by the Indian Orthopaedic Association. On 19th--24th November 2019. Organized by the West Bengal Orthopaedic Association. Fascinating , instructive academic sessions and workshops for all interests conducted by orthopaedic surgeons from all round the globe and our brilliant colleagues from all across India at the stunning Biswa Bangla Convention Centre.

This is a life time experience. Which no one can afford to miss.

We promise that you will never be the same again!!!


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