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Dear All,

Please attend E-Clinical Meeting at WBOA office on 10th November 2018 at 1.30pm instead of Howrah Railway Orthopaedic Hospital.

Cases were discussed:

10th November 2018 at WBOA office at 1.30 pm

  1. A case of bilateral shepherd crook deformity managed with corrective osteotomy-

Dr Sourav ghosh

  1. A case of pipkin fracture managed successfully-

Dr Kirshnendu Roy

  1. A case of chronic osteomyelitis right forearm managed successfully-

Dr Ritwika Nandi

  1. A case of giant cell tumor of proximal tibia successfully managed with endoprosthesis-

Dr Arindam basu

  1. A case of LC type 2 pelvic fracture managed with Interno Exfix-

Dr Mahboobur Rahman

  1. A Case of Distal tibia fracture and its complications –

Dr Aslam Ahmed

  1. A case of liposarcoma proximal humerus managed successfully-

Dr Sourav Mukherjee


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