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Please book your dates for NATIONAL PEDIATRIC ORTHO UPDATE

Organized by: Burdwan Ortho Cub

Under the aegis of:

West Bengal Orthopaedic Association

on 2nd & 3rd June 2018 at Hotel Charnock's , Burdwan.

For Registration please contact:


Cont. No. 8001111166


8.00 -9.00     REGISTRATION

                       SUPRACANDYLAR FRACTURE _____________________________________________

09:00-09:15   Classification of Supracondylar Fracture                 Dr. A.Kumar

09:15-09:30   Management and Technique                                       Dr. Soumyadeep Dutta

09:30-09:45   Management with Neuro Vascular Deficit.                 Dr. A.N. Roy

09:45-10:00   Case Discussion.


10:00 -10:15 Diagnosis of Idiopathic CTEV and Counselling       Dr. S. Dasgupta

10:15-10:30   Ponseti Method of Management                              Prof. J.N.Pal

10:30-10:45   Bracing Protocol                                                         Prof. D.Chatterjee

10:45-11:00   Atypical CTEV and Syndromic Foot                         Prof N.K.Das

11:00-11:15   T E A B R E A K                                                  


                     Prof N.K.Das

11:15-11:30   Early Detection and Role of Clinical Examination, USG

11:30-11:45   Consertive Management Less then one year age

11.45-12.00   Operative Management more than one year age

                     KNEE DEFORMITY______________________________________________________

12.00-12.15   Genu Varum                                                               Dr. R. Runu

12.15-12.30   Genu Valgum                                                             Dr. P Bhusan

12.30-12.45   Habitual Dislocation Patella                                     Prof. A.K.Pal

12.45-1.00     Case disscotion


01.00-01.10   Basic Differances Between Adult & Child Fracture   Prof. M.M.Ray

01.10-01.20   Distal Radius Ulna Fracture                                     Dr. Ritesh Runu

01.20-01.30   Spinal Injury in Children                                         Prof.K.K.Mukhopadhyay

01.30-01.40   Neck Femur in Children                                           Dr. Swarnendu Samanta

01.40-01.50   Outline of Paediatric Malignant Tumor                   Dr. Kausik Nandy

01.50-02.00   Outline of benign Paediatric Tumor                      Dr. Saikat Sau

02.00-02.30   L U N C H   B R E A K

02.30-03.00   QUIZ                                                                         Prof Chinmoy De

03.00-04.00   PERTHES DISEASE_______________________________________________________                                             

                         Dr. S R Bala

                       Staging of Disease

                       Conservative Management

                       Operative Management

                       Case Discussion

                       TEA WILL BE SERVED IN SIDE HALL


04.00-04.10   Septic Arthritis of Hip                                             Dr.Ananda Mondal

04.10-04.20   Tuberculosis of Paediatric Hip                               Dr. Anant Garg

04.20-04.30   Acute Osteomyelitis ,when to Intervene               Dr Joydeep Das

04.30-04.40   Pseudoarthrosis of Tibia                                         Dr.Saurabh Adhikary

04.40-04.50   Technique of Bone Harvesting                                Dr.Debabrata Banerjee                              

04.50-05.00   Common Paediatric Sports Injury                         Dr.Rajeev Raman           

6pm onwards   D I S C U S S I O N       WITH     D I N N E R



09.00-10.30   Key note lecture 1

                         Lateral condyle injury of humerus in children

                         Prof.Vrisha Madhuri


10.30-12.00     Key note lecture 2

                             Cerebral pulsy

                             Prof.N.K.Das, Dr. S.R .Bala & Dr. Sanjay Keshkar


12.30-02.00     Epiphyseal injury in children

                              Prof vrisha Madhuri

                         L U N C H (2.00 pm)



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